It's Time To Unlock Your Full Potential

Stop Crawling. Stop Playing Small. And Get Ready to Go Beyond!

Are you SERIOUS and DETERMINED to take your business to a higher level and attain six, even seven-figure status? Do you want your influence to change the pace of your company? If so, Beyond Leadership is for YOU.

Beyond Leadership is your chance to get in-depth, high-level coaching from Eric Worre, renowned Network Marketing coach and mentor. In this 4-day, high-intensity training, Eric will help you make the jump from being a leader to an INFLUENCER.

During this 4-day event, you'll gain strategies for:

  • Duplication systems that build passive income
  • Loyalty training that will unify any team
  • Promoting a culture of growth and productivity in your business
  • Clarifying and communicating your vision and purpose
  • Building, promoting, and profiting from your brand
  • Automate the creation of influencers
  • Creating a Global Empire
  • Develop, promote, and host life-changing team events

Beyond Leadership is the best investment in your Network Marketing career you can make.

Investing in yourself has a higher return on investment than any other activity. Beyond Leadership is exclusive training for those with the desire to influence the direction and success of a population.

In this personable setting of fewer than 500 people, your limiting beliefs will be brought to the surface and you will be pushed to share what’s holding you back, so you can make a dramatic change in your business and life.

Would it surprise you to know that people who are succeeding in Network Marketing are still dealing with issues of self-doubt, fear, playing it small, procrastination, etc.?

Becoming someone that people admire and aspire to be can be terrifying. No matter what type of success you’ve had up to this point, perhaps these questions have entered your mind:

  • Am I strong enough?
  • Do I have the confidence to do this?
  • Will people see my weaknesses?
  • Do I really have what it takes to change people’s lives?

The answer to all these questions is YES! But you need to learn how to change your mindset first.

At Beyond Leadership, you will be pushed hard to overcome the challenges unique to leaders and to reach your fullest potential. Eric will not be working on skills and fundamentals. He will be sitting down with you and working on your mindset. You will discover your limiting beliefs and how to break them. You will look at what is holding you back, and you will get proven strategies to move forward and meet your goals.

You will leave with a defined purpose and a stronger drive. You will leave a more invigorated, more educated, and more enlighten person. You will leave with the ability to influence.

Denice & Tom Chenault jJ4GVL1qxcA

Beyond Leadership has been the best investment in personal development we’ve ever made.

—Denice & Tom Chenault

If you’re ready to go from being a leader to an INFLUENCER, then you’re ready for Beyond Leadership.

In Network Marketing, there are leaders and there are influencers. Influencers change the lives of thousands, even millions of people.

This event is not for beginners. Six and Seven figure earners and those who are ready to take their business to a higher level are invited to attend. The event will be very in depth and very intense. You will be pushed to your limits, and together you and Eric will work hard to create the breakthrough you are looking for!

There’s a reason Beyond Leadership is held in a small setting with a limited number of seats.

At the event, Eric facilitates the main sessions and often breaks the group into smaller groups for more intense discussions and to practice strategies and ideas for taking your business to the next level.

You will learn the skills and strategies of high performers in Network Marketing through exercises, role-playing, and group work. You won’t just be sitting there taking notes. You will be actively learning from Eric and other leaders at the event. When you leave, you will have a detailed game plan for your company to grow and succeed.

The Beyond Leadership event is going to propel you forward by...

Learning how to overcome your limiting beliefs and reprogram your mind

Through intense training, Eric will help you identify past programming and patterns in your life that have held back your potential. You’ll learn how to change your thoughts, so your mind is serving you. You’ll gain the confidence needed to take action that will change your life and your business.

Discovering powerful and proven strategies that will take your business to a higher level

In this 4-day event, Eric teaches you the best strategies and campaigns and how to implement them across your entire organization. Learn how to go from a leader to a legend with proven duplication and promotion methods that will empower you to become an icon in your organization

Gain the training to become an INFLUENCER

An influencer is someone who creates action across their entire team, organization, and in the lives of others. To them, their business is not just about making money, it’s about changing people’s lives and that’s when the magic happens. During this profound segment, Eric will teach you how to step into your higher potential to become an influencer and develop influencers on your team.

Tickets are Limited. The Experience is not.

General Admission


4 days of high intensity training

Event Workbook

Bring a spouse or business partner for $2,500

Single Payment

1 Payment of $5,000

4 Payment Option

Pay only $1,315 now, then 3 additional payments of $1,315 each.

Get Ticket

VIP Experience


5 days of high intensity training
(1 Additional Day of Training)

Event Workbook

Bring a spouse or business partner for $7,500

Up Front Seating

BONUS: Attend a Las Vegas Show

BONUS: VIP Party at the Worre’s House

Single Payment

1 Payment of $10,000

4 Payment Option

Pay only $2,625 now, then 3 additional payments then $2,625 each.

Get Ticket

If 2 people are splitting up their commision by building an organization together,it's considered on Distributorship/Business partnership and the 2nd person is qualified for a discount.

Would you prefer to talk to a Client Development Specialist? Call us: 1-855-664-6776!

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of our live events and the commitment we make we cannot issue refunds on tickets sold, however you may elect to transfer your ticket to another person, no less than 30 days prior to the event.

Upgrade Your Experience!

1 ADDITIONAL Day of High Intensity Training

This means you attend Beyond Leadership for 4 days, and then stay for an extra day of smaller, advanced sessions with Eric. This extra day will give you even more training in the high-end skills and strategies that will take you from a leader to an influencer. With the smaller setting, Eric will be able to work with you on a more individual basis to strengthen your skills and your game plan.

Up Front Event Seating

You’ll be in the middle of all the action, and will get the chance to interact more with Eric.


Attend a Las Vegas Show

Enjoy a night out in Las Vegas with other VIPs and Eric and Marina Worre! You’ll get to experience one of the shows that makes Las Vegas special.


VIP Party at the Worre’s House

Eric and Marina Worre invite you to their house! Celebrate the end of the event with a party at Eric and Marina’s house. You’ll enjoy great food, great fun, and great friends!

What Others Have to Say About This Event

Michelle Kellogg bW13j1U9wLg

The biggest thing I took away from Beyond Leadership was the emotional breakthrough I’ve been seeking for two years.

—Michelle Kellogg

Thiago & Crystal Harvey NmYqJfyxSJA

For anyone who isn’t sure of an event like this, it’s world-class training from Eric Worre that’s worth every penny.

—Thiago & Crystal Harvey

Linda & Michael Freibott hnEbEDJEInQ

It would have taken us a decade to learn everything we did from four days at Beyond Leadership.

—Linda & Michael Freibott

Austin Zulauf 4ngd7w0DTuo

Beyond Leadership was a life-altering event for me. Not only has it changed my own life course, this training will change the lives of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

—Austin Zulauf

Amelie Guldbirk 6D-pGNAFDwU

This training exceeded all my expectations. If you’re serious about building your Network Marketing business, you must attend Beyond Leadership

—Amelie Guldbirk

Enrique Quiros DKwdPYTw3q8

Beyond Leadership has been a game-changer for me.

—Enrique Quiros

Sheila & Katie Rickel rbGgaEHdON0

If you apply the concepts and knowledge you learn at Beyond Leadership, you’re winning big and going pro!

—Sheila & Katie Rickel

Denice & Tom Chenault jJ4GVL1qxcA

Beyond Leadership has been the best investment in personal development we’ve ever made.

—Denice & Tom Chenault

Location & Hotel

Green Valley Ranch Resort, Spa & Casino

2300 Paseo Verde Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89052