Blend Technology and Time-Tested Nurturing Techniques to Create Duplication

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By Eric Worre

Network Marketing is a relationship business. The more people you get to know and eventually present your offer to the more success you will experience.  This concept has been true from the beginning.


There is a long list of modern technology that has led many Network Marketers to believe they can shortcut the nurturing process.  Just think of all the advances we have seen in the last 10 years:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Messenger
  • Text Message
  • Facetime
  • Etc…

Don’t get me wrong, these tools can be incredibly powerful, but they have to be used in a way that builds the relationship.  If the person on the other end any given technology has no idea who you are, the technology itself is useless.

So what is a Network Marketer to do? 

In my mind, you have to take the first steps slowly and then as you get to know a new person you can utilize technology to follow-up, to duplicate, and to automate your teamwork.  That being said, they have to decide to join your team in the first place.

Fill Your Team With Captains:

Remember when you were in grade school and everyone would line up to play dodgeball.  The first thing you would do is pick a captain.  Then that captain would invite a player to your team.  Network Marketing works in a similar way.  Spend your time finding captains.  Focus your efforts on the people you know will be strong leaders, inspirational, and level-headed.  Put your energy into them and encourage them to pick the rest of the team.

When you are forming relationships with captains, do it the old school way.  Call them, go to lunch with them, get to know them.  You need to be 100% sure they are a leader.

Then, once you find a few captains, utilize the power of technology to get the word out.  Present-offer-repeat.

Don’t Let Your Team Be the Goofy Kid In Class:

Remember when you first started dating and how awkward it was.  Remember what it was like trying to read the other persons mind.  Trying to figure out what they were thinking and if it was even close to what you were thinking.  Remember how it got easier over time.

Good leaders cut out this awkwardness for their new distributors.

How do they do it you ask?  It is simple.  They give them a toolbox full of things that help them shorten the learning curve.

  1. Inviting Scripts
  2. Game Plans
  3. Presentation Recordings
  4. Social Media Post examples
  5. Email Examples
  6. Etc…

There is a phenomenon in Network Marketing that has existed since the beginning.  I refer to it as the new recruit hump.  It is a time period when a new recruit is most likely to drop out.  If they get over the hump the will most likely begin making some money and become a producer.  If they don’t get over the hump they will almost certainly drop out.

Getting your recruits over the hump is one of the most important tasks on your to-do list.

Installing duplication systems in your business is the simplest way to get your new recruits over the hump before they drop out.

Train Your Youtube Channel Not Your Team:

So you have a record recruiting month and sign up 20 new people.

Now what???

How will you ever train 20 people?  If you have not prepared and installed a training system the chances of you succeeding are low.  However, there are simple ways to create training systems that can be spread across your entire downline at moment’s notice.

All the skills you need to teach your team can be recorded and uploaded to a private Youtube channel.  When they first join you grant them access.  Then they have access to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are tired of pushing a team uphill, if you want to streamline your recruiting and training processes, if you want to be surprised by the growth rate of your downline, duplication is a REQUIRED SKILL.

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