Blitz Days


In this week’s show, Eric talks about how to bust out of a plateau and really get the results you are looking for to grow your business. The advice Eric gives all the time is to engage in a blitz day! A lot of people are slow and steady in Network Marketing. They don’t have momentum and they aren’t getting great results. You have to up the intensity for a short period of time to get your business to another level!

If you can dedicate one evening to going all out for 3-4 hours, then you will snap out of your slump and build huge momentum for your business. In those 3-4 hours, call and text as many people as you can, get together with your team and do as many presentations as possible! Do these things in a burst of super intense activity! Eric says, “If I’m really trying to get people moving, then I create a competition within my team! How many appointments can you schedule in 3-4 hours?”

What if you took that one day and really went all out, for one day give Network Marketing 100%? Your life would never be the same. By using just one day, you could set up 32 presentations a day, you could send hundreds of text messages, you could tell your story and share your opportunity with people at an intense speed creating a superhuman confidence. Your posture and beliefs will be different. This simple and hardcore action will completely change your attitude and your results. Eric’s strongest encouragement is to make time to do a blitz day! Crawling through Network Marketing is hard, going fast is hard, but it’s easier; you get results so much faster. Have a little faith and work hard to get this long-term gain!