Both Feet in the Pool

Both Feet in the Pool

In life, you have to make the decision to go after it if you want to succeed. Decide ends with “cide”, like suicide and homicide. All of those mean the death of something, and that’s what a real decision is.

You see, for most people, they spend their whole life trying different things. They stick their toe in the water of life everywhere. If you want to be somebody that wins, you’ve got to jump in the water. You can’t be the person hanging out on the steps saying, “Oh, it’s a little bit cold.” You’ve got to get in and get after it. Life’s directions start with decision. You need to jump in with both feet, fight, and then you’ll win.

You can be in the right place at the right time, but if you have the wrong thinking, you’ll always just miss it. You will miss the next great opportunity. In life, there’s results and there’s bull. People who get things done get results. But most people make excuses. They always have a reason, an excuse. Excuses are the easiest things to find in life. You’ve got to get after it and get results.

Winston Churchill once said, “Sometimes your best is not good enough. You have to do what’s necessary.” You’ve got to decide whether this is a phase of life or a way of life. Are you willing to pay the price?