Both Sides of the Coin

Both Sides of the Coin

Today, I want to talk about the power of assumption. When people first get involved in Network Marketing, they use this power not to their benefit, but to their detriment.

What I mean is that too many people assume the negative. They assume something bad is going to happen or that they’ll be rejected. They assume people aren’t going to join, are too busy, don’t have enough money, already have a job they love, etc. They assume all of these negative things, even though a majority of them are wrong.
When you assume those negative things, you start to project them into your conversations. You assume somebody doesn’t have time, and so you say things like, “I know you don’t have the time,” or “Can we squeeze this into your busy schedule?” That negative projection is not healthy.

But leaders in Network Marketing use the other side of the coin. They assume success. They assume people will find the money and the time, that they are not happy with their current situation, that they want to start their own business, etc. With that assumption, they start to project those positive things, those results.

If you assume the negative, you’ll project the negative, and it will come back to you by proving your assumption real. But if you assume the positive, you will project the positive in a thousand little ways. The return of that positive assumption is going to give you the results you are looking for. So, make sure you are avoiding the negative assumptions and projections, and engage in positive assumptions and projections.

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