Breaking the Patterns of the Past

Episode-118-Breaking the Patterns of the Past

Today, I want to talk about the past. I know the past isn’t a topic that many people in Network Marketing want to talk about, but it has a huge impact on your future. Faulkner once wrote, “The past is not dead, nor is it past.” What he meant is that the past has a life. All of our histories have a life and contribute to our future. And as I have gotten older, I have realized how much our past affects our future.

The meaning that we give to the things that have happened in our lives will allow us to either move forward or will keep us where we stand. I see so many people in Network Marketing who are absolutely trapped by their past. They keep reliving the same story over and over again, and they can’t move forward. They either look at the past as something they were a victim of, or they look at their failures and lose their sense of self. They have applied a meaning to that past that hurts and damages the steps they take for a better future.

Jim Rohn once said, “How you feel about the experiences that you’ve gone through, and the meaning that you apply to it, is going to have a huge impact on what you do in the future.” For example, when I first started in Network Marketing, I had had 18 jobs prior to that. At first, I let that history say that I don’t finish anything and I wasn’t willing to do the work necessary in order to be successful. And because of this, I had a huge amount of self-doubt. I had to change the meaning of those 18 jobs as steps that were necessary for me to find my passion. If I had succeeded in one of those 18 jobs, I might never have found the thing that allowed me to live my fullest life in the Network Marketing profession. Once I changed the meaning of that experience, I was able to have the fuel to move forward into the future. Until I applied the right meaning to my past experiences, I was going to be stuck repeating the pattern.

Some of you are stuck with the meaning you’ve applied to your past. Even if you’ve been involved in Network Marketing for a while. You’ve let that past experience say that you can’t get people to duplicate or create a bigger Network Marketing business. But that belief is not going to serve you.