Building is About the Basics

Building is About the Basics

Do you get muscles just because you have a gym membership? No, you have to go in and lift weights. Many people come into Network Marketing, and they don’t make any money because they’re not lifting the weights. The weights in Network Marketing are the basics, and there are three basics.

1. Use the product

It sounds like a simple concept, but many people don’t do this. You have to be your own best customer. How are you going to get other people to believe in the product, if you don’t believe in it? So, it’s very important to get your people locked into your products.

2. Talk to people

We all talk to people about what we like, sports, vacations, etc. But in Network Marketing, you get paid for your word of mouth advertising. If you talk to three people a day, you’ll end up talking to over a thousand people in a year. So, keep talking to people. Even if it takes you two years of talking to them before they sign up. You’ve got to talk to people consistently, over and over again.

3. Use the tools

Tools will make it go quicker, faster, and better. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just use the tools the company offers. Creature a structure with the tools, and then your team becomes tour guides. It makes it easy for your team.

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