Building Your Business Abroad

Building your Business Abroad

People are always asking me, “How do I sponsor long distance? How do I find people in other countries and build an international business?” The first thing to do is identify which countries your company reaches. Then, make it your mission to start asking people every single day, “Do you know anyone in…?”

Let’s say you want to expand your business to Germany. Ask everyone you know, “Do you know anyone in Germany? Do you know anyone in Germany?” You’ll be amazed with the list you start to generate.

Once you get that list, reach out to those people abroad. Tell them, “I’m expanding my business in Germany, and so and so gave me your name. They said you’re a sharp person. If I sent you some information, would you take a look at it?”

One crucial tip at this point—send a physical package of information. The short cut here is to send electronic information, but you’ll only get 10% of the results that way. You’ll do much better sending a physical package of information with brochures or samples than if you just sent them a link.

So, make contacts abroad and start sending out a package a week. Eventually, one of them will sign up, and then a few more of them will. Your job will be to work with them long distance by setting up Skype calls or even travelling abroad to help them get started.

If you want to take your business internationally, then assuming your company is in those other countries, what you need to do is just start asking and never stop. Who do you know in…? Build that list, send the packages out, and follow up. It sounds simple, but few people actually do it. So, pick a city or a country and start today.