Do You Have a Business Plan for 2018?

Episode-120-Do You Have a Business Plan for 2018?

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When I coach top leaders and million-dollar earners in the Network Marketing profession, guess what the most important thing we spend time on is…a business plan. We spend time mapping out their year before the year even starts. And it’s important that you do the same.

Let me give you a few reasons why creating a strategy for the new year and mapping it out before the year starts is important.

#1 Network Marketing is so forgiving that it’s easy for us to lose a day. We get distracted, get sick, don’t feel like it, or lose motivation. And it’s very easy for that lost day to turn into 5 lost days, a lost week, or a lost month.

Oftentimes, I ask the top earners in the Network Marketing profession to divide their time between lost days and productive days over the course of the year. How many of those 365 days were lost? How many days were completely ineffective for building your business? And how many were productive?

If you divide your days like that, then typically the top earners lose a minimum of 6 months out of the year. 6 months! If you were to divide your days up like that, would you be better or worse than that? So, a game plan for the year helps us to eliminate lost days.

#2 There are times of the year that are challenging for Network Marketing. Times such as the first 2 weeks in January, holidays, tax time, and the summer months can be challenging and have low production in Network Marketing. And you can’t be in the middle of summer and decide you need to do something. You have to plan far in advance to manage those down seasons.

There are a lot of strategies that I can teach you specifically on how to manage all of the down times and how to get the most productivity out of each month that you possibly can while everyone else is distracted.

#3 If you put your business plan on paper for 2018 before the year starts, your productivity will double at the very minimum. Having a plan and knowing where you’re going to extremely helpful.

Sometimes we just need a target. And so, setting daily, weekly, monthly, and annual goals can help us work towards something specific. I can teach you to set goals for personal development, skills, recruiting, leadership development, rank advancement, and more.

When I finish writing my business plan, it is usually several pages long. If you are interested in playing like a pro and learning how to create a personal strategic plan for 2018, then I have good news for you! On December 9th, I’m going to have a special LIVE 3-hour webcast event, designed to make 2018 the best year of your Network Marketing career.

Register Now for the Special 3-Hour LIVE Goal Setting & Planning Webcast Event on December 9th!