Can People Change?

Can People Change

Can people really change? You always hear the phrase, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Or “If you want to take a look at somebody’s future, take a look at their past.” While I think that sometimes this is true, I believe that more than anything, what keeps people from changing is when they decide to stop learning and growing.

My early mentor, Jim Rohn, taught me a lot about personal growth and development. One time, he sat me down and told me that if I kept developing myself, kept growing, kept working on myself, then eventually when I walk into the room, people are going to know me. They’ll nudge their neighbor and say, “There he is. That’s the guy I was telling you about.” That’s what happened whenever he entered the room, and I wondered if that could ever happen to me.

You see, I was an invisible student in school and even as a distributor, people didn’t know who I was. But I wasn’t developing myself. So, I decided that in order to become that recognized person of value, I would start to work on myself.

And let me tell you, “Change is not only possible, change is predictable.” If you lean in on yourself, work on your skills, read a little bit every day, practice a new skill, develop some muscles, get around positive people, and start to change your environment…if you do those things, you will change. You will get better and your influence will start to improve. I promise, if you stay steady with personal development, then one day people will go, “Hey, there he/she is. That’s the person I was telling you about.”

Today, inside the Network Marketing community, people know who I am when I walk in the room. But that only happens because I changed. I am not the same person I was when I started Network Marketing or even 5 years ago.
Now, I have to warn you. The biggest challenge of change is the people who knew you when you weren’t as positive and skilled or you hadn’t developed yourself as much. They have a hard time of seeing you as better than what you were. They only see you as you were, not as how you are right now. When I gained success, the people who had the biggest problem with my success were the ones who knew me 20 years ago. They can’t see past the flawed person I was, and have a hard time understanding that I have changed.

But if you decide to change and grow despite all of your friends and family who are going to want to hold you back, I’ll give you a promise. I promise that your biggest critics in your family and circle of friends are eventually going to brag to the whole world that they are related to you or know you. They are going to brag about how they met you. They are going to tell stories about you as if they had met a celebrity. It happened to me and all of the million dollar earners that I know, and it will happen to you. But only if you continue to change, get better, and develop yourself.
So, can people change? Absolutely.