Can A Person’s Life Be Changed In Just 8 Minutes?


In this segment, Eric helps Todd overcome one of his obstacles. What started off as a conversation about prospecting, quickly became a conversation about Todd’s true obstacle.

Eric noticed that Todd got really small as he talked about prospecting. After asking why this was, Todd explained that he had gone through a really bad divorce that lasted about three years. Divorce can be traumatic, and while ultimately it can be a good thing, there is still pain involved. Everyone has dealt with heartache at some point in their lives. The challenge is whether or not you’re going to live there in that emotional, traumatic, difficult state for the next ten years.

So, you have a decision to make: how many years do you want to suffer? Sometimes harsh words can be said, and you can end up buying into those words and believing them. You can’t control what anybody else says, but you can control what you believe. You have to learn to forgive yourself, grieve, but then let it go. We’ve all had heartache and experiences that we have let define ourselves. But you don’t have to let that define you for the rest of your life. You can decide not to live in a state of suffering.

Suffering is a choice. You can have pain, but choose not to suffer any more. Yes, the trauma is a part of your life, part of your journey, and you can learn from it. But it will also help you connect to more people, relate to people through shared experiences. You don’t have to accept the suffering. Kill the suffering, and the obstacles becomes the opportunity. Sometimes the obstacle is not a lack of skill, but something inside you. When you stand tall, you can find the skills you already have.

Todd thought he lacked skills in prospecting, but he realized that prospecting was difficult because he was still holding the suffering inside. When he lets go of the suffering, he will stand tall and overcome his obstacle.

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