You Can’t Keep the Plates Spinning

Episode-99-You Can't Keep the Plates Spinning

I wanted to share this great analogy about what happens when you don’t have duplication in your business from an early Go Pro Recruiting Mastery Event.

In my first 3 years in this profession, I rebuilt my organization 7 times. And one of the reasons why because I didn’t have duplication. Here’s what often happens… You recruit 5 people, and then teach your 5 people to each get 5 people. So, now you have 30 people in your team. It’s the simplest thing in the world! All you have to do is show those people how to do the same thing. And now you have 125 people, and it keeps going like that! Right?

Well, actually that strategy stops at about 30 people. You see, anybody can get 5 people. And you can do the next step and get those 5 people to get 5 people themselves. But then you can’t tell those 25 in the next row to get 5. You just can’t.

Have you seen that vaudeville act where you spin a plate on a stick? That’s what this strategy is like. You get 5 plates spinning, and you can keep them spinning just on your own effort. But some of them spin better than others. So, you have to work harder to keep them spinning, to get them back on the call, to try the product again, to come to the company convention. It’s a lot of work, and that’s only with 5 people!

And you know what they are going to make you do? Spin their downline’s plates too. So, you’re spinning 30 plates. You’re running around, and nobody is doing anything without you. Eventually, you get tired and fed up with having to do all the work to keep them all spinning. So, you decide to only focus on those who are actually doing a pretty good job of spinning themselves. Then, you hear a Smash! The plate you ignored fell out of the profession.

That’s what happens when you don’t have duplication in your business, when you try to do everything first-party. It will feed your ego, and it will steal from your future.