You Can’t Kill the Past

You Can't Kill the Past

I have realized that our attitude about the past, the meaning that we give to our past, will either allow us to move forward or keep us where we stand. And I see so many people who are completely trapped by their past. They are reliving the same story over and over, and they can’t move forward. They see themselves as victims of their past. They look back at their failures, and instead of seeing learning experiences, they take those failures to mean that they weren’t good enough. They’ve applied a meaning to their past that hurts and damages the steps that they take for a better future. So, how you feel about your past and the meaning you apply to it has a huge impact on what you do in the future.

I had 18 jobs prior to Network Marketing. What did that history say about me? That I don’t finish anything? I get distracted? I am not disciplined enough to be successful? When I first started Network Marketing, I let that past breed self-doubt in me, and I was afraid that I would repeat the pattern. So, I had to change the meaning of my past. I had to start viewing those 18 jobs as necessary for me to find my passion and be open to what Network Marketing might provide for me. Once I changed the meaning I applied to that experience, I was able to have fuel to move forward into the future. Unless I applied the right meaning to my past, I was going to be stuck.

Some of you are stuck with the meaning you’ve applied to the past, even those of you who have been involved in Network Marketing for a while. You might be saying, “I can’t get duplication” or “I’m not a leader.” But that belief is not going to serve you. Even if there is evidence in your past that these ideas might be true for your future, you can change the meaning that you apply to that evidence. Change the meaning, and refocus. Use the past as a school, as lessons.

You control your belief system and the meaning you apply to your past. Allow yourself to forgive yourself for mistakes, and understand it was a part of your journey, not what defines you. That belief doesn’t have to define you anymore.