Catch The Wave: The Trends That Will Shape Your Business

By Eric Worre

Business position, strategy and direction depends on being in touch with the latest trends and methods used in your industry.  Network Marketing is no different. 

In 1992 Faith Popcorn wrote a book that changed businesses worldwide.  She titled it “The Popcorn Report.”  Within its pages, Faith discusses in detail the importance of following, tracking, and understanding the current trends in your industry.

In the past 10 years, 3.5 million jobs have been eliminated in the United States.  When you equate this out it means that 2000 jobs are ended per day.  Some may see this as one of the biggest catastrophes of all time.  However, the skilled Network Marketer that optimizes current trends should see this as an opportunity.  People need income opportunity and you have it.

75% of the U.S. population has less than $5000 in the bank for retirement.  Again, one could see this as some sort of travesty.  But not us.  We have a method that can allow people to double, triple, or quadruple their savings every single year.

45% of Americans depend on relatives.  In my mind, this single statistic should help define your purpose.  If we could help 1% of the people that must depend on relatives that would change the lives of millions.  I know one of my missions is to help people become financially independent.  If your team does not fully understand that this is the opportunity in front of them, please make sure that you communicate it next time you speak with them.

For the first time in history, the current generation is averaging a lower standard of living than their parents.  I have never seen a more important trend.  I hear it all the time.  “The new generation just doesn’t want to work hard.”  Well, maybe that is true.  However, it is the responsibility of those that hold the opportunity to teach it. 

Out of 100 people that start working at the age of 25, by the age of 65

  • 1 is wealthy
  • 4 have enough money to retire
  • 63 depend on social security or charity
  • 29 are deceased

Have you ever sat back and thought about the power Network Marketing can have on a person’s life?  You can help them achieve health and wealth.  You can increase their saving enough to support retirement.  You can change their life FOREVER!

Get out there, catch the wave.  Make the most of the opportunity you have in your hands.