The Secret to Confidence [Audio]

By Eric Worre How long did it take you to gain the confidence to do something by yourself? You probably fell over countless of times before you could ride a bike or perhaps you fumbled with your shoe laces for weeks before you could tie the perfect bow. You don’t become confident overnight, even though […]

Don’t Run Away from the Word “No” [Audio]

Don't Run Away from the Word No_Audio

By Eric Worre What is the one thing that every Network Marketer fears when they first start out? The word “No.” We are afraid of rejection. We think that we’ve somehow failed when prospects reject us time and time again. But that’s not true. We need to learn that rejection doesn’t destroy us, it pushes us […]

The Revolution of Network Marketing [Audio]

Revolution of Network Marketing _Audio

By Eric Worre I’ve been saying it for years now.  There’s a revolution going on in the world.  Society is full of people looking for a better way, and we have it in Network Marketing.  Now, it’s time to take action and tell the world! A Call to Action Back in 1993, I stood in […]

Overcoming the Weight of Your Problems [Audio]

Overcoming the Weight of Your Problems_Audio

By Eric Worre We all want success in life, whether it’s in our business or in our personal life.  But before success can be reached, there are always obstacles.  Sometimes our problems are so huge that we feel like we will be crushed by their weight.  Sometimes it feels like we are fighting a losing battle. […]

What You Really Need to Recruit in Network Marketing [Audio]

By Eric Worre I am always talking about recruiting and how important it is in Network Marketing.  I’ve given you tips on what to say to prospects and how to present your opportunity to them.  I have even reviewed what to do when you are presented with objections. But what is one thing that you […]