Please Watch & Share – NMPRO #1,030

On the eve of the 5th Anniversary of Network Marketing Pro, I have two requests of you… One, please take the time to watch this video all the way through and Two, please share it with your world.  I’d really appreciate it. If you are willing to join me in this special campaign by making […]

Your Superbowl Commercial – NMPRO #1,006

A 30 second commercial in today’s Super Bowl game would set you back $4 million dollars.  One minute would cost $8 million.  If you were given 60 seconds to highlight Network Marketing and YOUR opportunity, what would you say?  If you were given 10 minutes notice, would you be ready?  (Please don’t put company or […]

The Gratitude Challenge – NMPRO #1,004

This simple challenge with make your day and will positively impact everyone you touch.  If you’re in say “I’M IN” in the comments below and come back to let us know what happened.

Seth Godin And The Tribes We Lead – NMPRO #998

Author and speaker Seth Godin gave this speech at a TED conference.  The concept is called Tribes.  It’s about leading and connecting people and ideas.  That’s EXACTLY what we do.  I love the Network Marketing tribe.  We have become something much larger than ourselves.  We are leading a MOVEMENT.

Susan Sly – Turning Around A Negative Spouse – NMPRO #989

The amazing Multi-million dollar earning Susan Sly presented at our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event.  The whole thing was phenomenal and we are working hard to get the entire home study course ready for you in the coming weeks, but I wanted to share a short excerpt from it today.  I think you’ll enjoy […]

How To Grow A HUGE International Team – NMPRO #972

Recently people have been asking me for advice about how to how to take advantage of their company expanding into other countries.  Whether you are looking to do that or you just want to grow your business out of your current local market, here is my advice on how to do it.

How Great Leaders Inspire Action – NMPRO #970

At our recent Go Pro Recruiting Mastery I shared a video clip that explains “How Great Leaders Inspire Action”.  If you will internalize this concept, your life and your business will go to another level.  Please share your thoughts below.

Go Pro Audio CDs – NMPRO #963

The Go Pro book continues to break records, but I’ll bet you didn’t know we have it available in audio CD form.  If you’d like to get a copy or multiple copies for your team, they are super cheap.  Just CLICK HERE to learn more.