Show Me the Money

Kierston Kirschbaum talks about how you can follow up with prospects who are concerned about money. She says that when prospects say they can’t afford your product or opportunity, then you haven’t done a good enough job of solving their problem yet. That’s because if they truly felt that your product or opportunity was the […]

If I Had More Time

Episode-113-If I Had More Time-Objections in Network Marketing

One of the most common objections that prospects like to throw up when you introduce them to Network Marketing is “I don’t have the time.” Don’t believe that, and here’s one reason why… There was a recent study that talked about television time. This study showed that the average American watches about 27 hours a […]

The Secret to Eliminating Fear

Secret to Eliminating Fear

What if you could eliminate all fear for the rest of your career in an instant? If you are fearful, may I respectfully say that you are simply misunderstanding the profession you’re in and you’re looking in the wrong direction. It’s not about you. It’s about them—your prospects, your distributors, your customers.

Becoming Unstoppable

Becoming Unstoppable

Diana Ross talks about becoming unstoppable through your unshakable belief.  What is belief?  Belief is having the ability to see something before it comes into your life.  But where does that belief come from? I have never gotten a starter packet with the word belief on it, opened if, and suddenly I believed.  It doesn’t […]

The Magic Word For Network Marketing Success

Network Marketing Pro 2017 -- Episode 10

In today’s show Eric gives you a phrase that will be a game changer. Here it is: If I _____, Would You? This phrase puts you in a position of strength. How? Because psychologically when you phrase a question like that people respond positively to people who give us things and want to give back […]

Over The Line

Over the Line

In this week’s show, Eric shares concepts to get people involved and to also get them to stay in your Network Marketing business. There’s always going to be people coming into your business and leaving your business. The reasons will vary: it didn’t meet their expectations; they weren’t willing to face their fears; they felt […]

Network Marketing Is Hard


This week Eric gives us some straight talk about choosing your hard, especially if you are an entrepreneur or want to become one. People tell him all the time, “building a business is hard. Network marketing is hard. Motivating myself is hard.” But what most people want to do, is they want to avoid “hard.” […]