Changing Your Mind’s Blueprint

Episode-105-Changing Your Mind's Blueprint

I sat down with Kody Bateman, the author of MLM Blueprint, to discuss how one’s blueprint can affect their business.

If you feel strange about doing well financially or feel insecure about Network Marketing at all, then you have a blueprint issue or a subconscious mind issue. One of the ways this blueprint issue manifests itself in people is that they apologize like crazy. Or they start projecting the negativity stuck in their mind by throwing out objections. Another way their negative blueprint manifests itself is that they start sabotaging their own business without even realizing it.

So, I asked Kody Bateman what other things happen as a result of a blueprint issue?

He says that a lot of things take place, and it’s not just because of things that have been planted in your mind a long time ago. But things that are planted in your mind as you’re building your business can affect your blueprint. So, when someone rejects you for the first time or somebody on your team quits, those type of things can shut you down mentally.

Kody goes on to say that often people are doing pretty well, but then a bad day comes along and they’re not prepared for it. So, you have to be prepared for both the good and bad days. And a mentor or coach can help prepare new people for those days.

According to Kody, the way to create a more positive blueprint is to expose yourself to more positive things. After all, blueprints are created by exposures. So, you’ve got to get yourself around the positive exposures in our profession. You’ve got to read the good books, listen to the good tapes, go to company events, and tap into weekly conference calls. It is absolutely critical that you do those things. If you don’t, you won’t make it in this business, period.

It’s harder to stay positive than it is to go negative. And you’ve got to take responsibility to do that. You have to plug yourself into that positivity. Create affirmations that say, “I am successful in my Network Marketing business,” and create daily language that supports that affirmation. And most importantly, keep going to positive things that will reinforce that language, and you will absolutely make it.