Creating Your Game Plan for 2017

Creating Your Game Plan for 2017

In this week’s show, Eric talks about how the last month of the year is a very introspective time. It is a time to look back at the previous year and look forward to the coming year.

Take time now and reflect on 2016. What have you accomplished? How have you grown? What lessons did you learn? Where are your weak and strong spots? Be brutally honest with yourself. Where do you still need to improve? What mistakes did you make? What were the triggers that knocked you off track?

When you’ve answered those questions, take inventory of your team. What does the leadership look like within your organization? How many customers do you have? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the team? Is the system duplicating? Are people attending events or not? Are your members a fan of the product or not?

The most important thing during this time of reflection is to be brutally honest with yourself. Where do you personally need to improve? Where does your team need to improve? So, reflect on the year. Take inventory of yourself and your team. And be honest.
Then, look forward. Create a map for the next 18 months on your objectives and the accomplishments you want to make. First, think about your personal goals. How do you personally want to grow? What goals do you have for your skills, emotional management, leadership? What do you want to become? Second, think about the goals for your team. How many raving fans of the product do you want on your team? How many people do you want attending company events? How many different ranks do you want to see promoted out within your organization? What are the personal development goals of the team?

Take all of those goals and objectives and write them down, map out the next 18 months. Mine usually turns out to be about 40 pages or so. Set your goals high, and schedule out your calendar. Top leaders are forward thinking and set their future goals.

So, look back and take inventory. Then look forward and map it out. Think about all of your short-term, long-term, mid-term goals for you personally and for your team. What do you want the next 18 months to look like in terms of the books you read, the classes you attend, the skills you want to learn? How many more people do you want to recruit? What systems need to be put in place? What kind of culture do you want to build inside your organization?

Write everything down, and map it out. Once you get it all on paper, it is much easier to act on it. And the act of doing it will move your business in the right direction. This is not something you can complete in an hour. If you are serious about your business, then it could take one or two weeks to hash out all of the details. And even when you are done, there will still be room for editing and improvements to the plan along the way. This map gives you a business plan for your life and business. It provides tremendous peace of mind. You can be calm as you enter the new year because you have a plan.

So, that is my challenge for you as we enter the new year. Take inventory by looking back, and then map out the next 18 months by looking forward. If you do, if you’re honest, and if you’re a visionary you can create the best year of your personal and professional life. And you will expand your Network Marketing empire exponentially. In 18 months, everything can change.