Think Bigger, Be Stronger, Move Faster: Crush 2018

Episode-2-Think Bigger, Be Stronger, Move Faster: Crush 2018

What is your vision for 2018? What would success look like?

Pick a total Network Marketing income level that you would consider to be success for 2018. Write that number down…and then double it.

Many of you are playing too small. You haven’t given yourself permission to go to the level of your capability. So, double your number. And tell the world that you’re going to earn that number in 2018. Say yes, tell the world, and then figure it out. That’s what we do in Network Marketing. That’s how visionaries play.

There’s nothing stopping you from doing it but you. So, you need people in your life that will say that to your face and won’t back down when you push. You need people who will not let you hide from the world.