Do Chickens Fly?

Episode-122-Do Chickens Fly

Matt Morris shares a funny lesson on recruiting and getting your distributors started in Network Marketing.

He would become excited by a conference call or a great story, and hurry to sponsor 5 people. But those 5 people wouldn’t do anything. He was committed, though, and wanted them to win.

It was like having 5 chickens running around. He would pick one up and say, “Here’s what I learned. You can do it. I believe in you. Now fly!” But do chickens fly? No. They just flop back down. So, he’d run back over and give them more encouragement to fly. And he’s running around, constantly trying to get 5 chickens to fly, and getting nowhere.

So, here’s the lesson: there are chickens, and there are eagles. Our job as Network Marketers is to sort through the chickens to find the eagles. And you’ve got to decide that you’re going to be an eagle.

What finally made all the difference in the world for Matt was when he finally said enough is enough. He was done with sacrificing his goals and dreams for a life of mediocrity, and he was going to go all in.

Be an eagle, not a chicken.