The End Is Not The End

Episode-94-The End Is Not the End

In this video, Susan Sly shares her wisdom on an important skill in Network Marketing… following up.

We talk often about the people in Network Marketing who were living in their car or were an addict, and we share all of these stories. But you have people like that on your list right now, and you’re not following up with them because you’ve told yourself a story. You say that they don’t have the money, and they’re not going to be interested.

But if you genuinely care about people, then you will follow up and follow up and follow up as long as it takes. The professionals never ever ever take people off their list because things change. They may not have the money right now, but they might have it in a few months. You can’t say the wrong thing to the right person at the right time. So, don’t take people off your list.

70% of purchasing decisions come from a desire to solve a problem. So, we need to get to a person’s point of pain if you’re going to help them decide to sign up. And you’re not just recruiting new people into your team, you’re recruiting people already in your team. Some people on your team have points of pain, and you’re wondering why they don’t go to an event or rank advance. You need to spend time talking to them and discovering their pain so that you can help. Lisa Grossmann says that everyone walks around with a sign saying, “Just love me.” It doesn’t matter how together someone looks on the outside. We all have pain.

So when you’re following up, do you know their pain? When you feel like no one is signing up with you, ask yourself, “Do I know their pain?” If you don’t, then you don’t have any points of leverage.

80% of sales require 5 follow ups. It’s going to take time. Susan was in her hotel room, and she couldn’t get any sound on the TV. She finally decided to call maintenance, and the gentleman took the remote and started clicking the volume. He kept clicking and there was still no sound. It gets to the end of the volume bar, and he just keeps clicking. Suddenly, the sound comes on. And the maintenance man said, “Sometimes the end is not the end.”

The end is not the end. When you’re following up with the people on your list and on your team, remember, the end is not the end. Don’t stop following up.

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