Entrepreneurs Do Not Wait For Support They Create It

Entrepreneurs Do Not Wait for Support, They Create It

In this week’s show, Eric talks about one of the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneur—how to think like an entrepreneur. The longer you continue to think like an employee, the more you will be frustrated as you try to build your entrepreneurial business. It requires different thinking.

One of the biggest aspects to think like an entrepreneur is in the area of support. Entrepreneurs don’t wait for support, they create it. They don’t need someone to hold their hand, they take care of it. Entrepreneurs solve problems, find solutions, and don’t wait for their upline, company, or training to provide guidance. Instead of waiting for someone to knock on the door, entrepreneurs knock on the door themselves. They seek out great training, create recognition systems, and make good meeting structures happen. Most entrepreneurs and world leaders were people who initially sat around and waited for something to happen. But when no one else showed up, they said, “Well, I guess I’ll have to step forward and do it myself.”

So, take ownership of your business, of solving the problems, of figuring it out, of being proactive instead of reactive. Learn to think like an entrepreneur and your business, check book, organization, and customers will thank you. Taking charge is your business. Entrepreneurs don’t wait for support, they create it.