Ada Caballero

Originally from Mexico, Ada now lives in Fontana, California with her husband Jose and their two grown children. Ada owned and operated her party planning business for over ten years in addition to working in Network Marketing on the side. Like many, she consistently struggled with health and financial issues but never seemed to find […]

Andreas Matuska

Andreas Matuska has been in the profession 5 years since he was 18. It all started with a small dream – after 5 years with the help from the internet Andreas reached a 7-figure income. He figured out how to build his business online, building a organization over 100.000 distributors only using Facebook and Instagram, […]

Gustavo Salinas

Gustavo Salinas is 29 years old, born in Ecuador. He has been in this industry for 6 years. He has built an organization that operates in more than 15 countries with more than 8.000 representatives. He credits his success to a hard work ethic and personal development.

Rafael Caban & Steven Juarbe

Rafael Caban 30 years old, from Aguadilla Puerto Rico, son, brother, husband, father of 2 beautiful children, entrepreneur by nature. He trained as a leader in the profession for over 7 years. 3 years ago he was in a very difficult situation, he was at my parents’ house and was going through a divorce. He […]

Jennifer & Sean Myers

Sean and Jennifer Myers are leaders in thought, systems and training. They trained and inspired tens of thousands of people in many countries and have been with their company for 30 years and have built a huge organization. They won multiple sales and income growth award. Sean and Jennifer Myers traveled to over 70 countries: […]

Anthony Napolitano

Through his work ethic, focus, consistency and commitment, Anthony Napolitano is the youngest top earner in the network marketing industry at the young age of 24 years old. He has already accomplished more than most people accomplish in a lifetime. He serves as a great example to his team on what can take place when […]

Jose Luis Pastrana

Jose Luis Pastrana was born in Oaxaca, Mexico. He came to the United States in 2006 looking for an opportunity which would change his economic lifestyle and help him achieve his dreams. At that time, all he could find was a job in the agriculture.  He was tired of earning $350 to $450 per week […]

Dr. Islam Mohamed and Dr. Islam Wasfy

Dr. Islam Mohamed and Dr. Islam Wasfy are two pharmacy doctors and business partners that have completely changed their lives thanks to Network Marketing. At the beginning, they thought it would be just a Plan B. But after attending a lot of training and events, they discovered what this profession has to offer. They made […]

Gary & Jill Campbell

Dr Gary “Skip” and Jill Campbell are College sweethearts and have been married for 35 years. They have three amazing adult children and eight beautiful grandchildren that are the gems of their lives! Gary served in the USAF for four years. He was stationed in Denver, on the Island of Guam and in Utah. He […]