Connie McDanel

Connie Marie McDanel is a former teacher and mom who is determined to help as many women as possible create a financial back up plan while showing a business model that has potential to take them beyond a traditional career income. Raised by parents who owned a nation-wide agate wholesaling business, the entrepreneurial spirit is […]

Bri Richardson

Success coach, social media expert and network marketing millionaire, Bri Richardson is known for her “give it to me straight” coaching style and authentic passion for helping others succeed. Bri has been in the profession for over 14 years. Over the last four and a half years Bri was able to retire her husband from […]

Angel Fletcher

A relative newcomer to the network marketing profession, Angel Fletcher has catapulted to success and become one of the most influential women on the global network marketing and direct sales stage today. She is a strong believer in putting a personal touch on every business relationship, which is key to setting a new distributor up […]