Face Your Fear

Face Your Fear

Have you ever found yourself afraid to do something in Network Marketing? Maybe you’re afraid to make phone calls, do a presentation, follow up, or get people started. I think all of us have found ourselves afraid of something inside this profession from time to time. Our insecurities pop up, and we find ourselves frozen.

When most people are faced with fear, their response is either to freeze up and not do anything or run away. So, here’s my word of encouragement: to overcome your fear takes much less activity than you think. If you’re afraid to make phone calls, decide to make 10 phone calls in the next hour. Your fear will go down so much in just one hour, you’ll be surprised. Your fear will drop 80% or 90%, and you’ll wonder what it was you were actually afraid of.

Or if you’re afraid of doing presentations, decide that you want to be the person who gets in front of people and does presentations. And then do 10 presentations in the next two weeks. Even if those presentations are just one-on-one. You’ll realize that not only are you not as afraid anymore, but you’re pretty good at this. Plus, you will get a lot better at presentations in those 10 attempts, not a thousand, just 10.

So, you’d be shocked at how small the activity needs to be in order to get past your fear. If you’re afraid of anything in Network Marketing, face it for a minute, fight it for a minute, and decide to beat it into submission for a minute. Pretty soon you’ll put that fear in your rearview mirror, and you won’t be afraid of it anymore.

Remember when you were a kid, and you were terrified of walking through a dark room. You knew that the light switch was on the other side of the room, but you still had to get to the other side. Remember how scary that was? And you would try to be brave and calmly walk across the room, but you ended up running because you wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. After you did that 10 or 20 times, you realized there was nothing there. Now as adults, we walk through the dark room without a problem and flip on the light.

We don’t feel that fear anymore; it’s in the rearview mirror. We might have other ones, but that insecurity is in the rearview mirror. You move forward. Take a little bit of action and watch your fear start to fade.