Find Your Story

Find Your Story

Richard Brooke shares the story of how he used to work in a chicken factory after he graduated high school. The chickens would come by at 38 birds per minute (bpm), and he would cut them up. On average, he would cut up over 21,000 chickens per day.

Brooke earned $3.05 per hour at the chicken plant. But the fact that he worked at a chicken plant and learned to tell that story has made him tens of millions of dollars!

All of us have some kind of chicken plant story in our life. You had something to overcome or some kind of adversity. That adversity could be a lack of something or even an abundance. You could have too much time of your hands or too many options.

Whatever it is, you’ve got to find your unique story. Brooke tells his chicken plant story because it has made him millions. And he has that story down pat. All of the big timers like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Eric Worre, etc., have their story down pat, and they tell it over and over again. Why? Because they all know that their greatest adversity is their greatest asset. They’ve learned how to not only tell their story, but sell it to people.

You’ve got to find your story. Learn how to tell it. And sell it to people. If you do, you’ll find that your greatest adversity ends up being your greatest asset.