Finding the Unicorn of Network Marketing

Episode-Finding the Unicorn of Network Marketing

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Duplication is an elusive beast in Network Marketing. It’s like unicorn dancing through the woods. You’ve heard about it, but you’ve never seen.

Most people really struggle with duplication. I know I did. When I first got involved in Network Marketing, I’d bring in a group of people, and they’d bring in people. But once my organization got up to around 20 or 30 people, it’d crash back down on itself. During my first 3 years in Network Marketing, I rebuilt my team 7 times!

I didn’t have duplication. I had addition and subtraction. I’d bring somebody in, and I’d lose somebody. I’d bring in a group of people with all of this potential, and they’d just lay there, not doing anything. I didn’t have residual, and I didn’t have this business that worked while I slept. I did all the work. It was like duplication didn’t even exist.

I was so frustrated, and towards the end of those 3 years, I began to think that maybe Network Marketing wasn’t for me. Maybe I just wasn’t a good enough leader. Maybe I didn’t have enough vision. Network Marketing just didn’t seem to be working out for me. People were blaming me when they left. I was blaming myself. And I had this revolving door of people with no residual income at all. Network Marketing was just a job.

Not only was I frustrated because duplication wasn’t working for me, but I watched these people that didn’t know nearly as much as I did at the Network Marketing business and they had tons of duplication! It seemed like they didn’t know anything, but had groups of thousands and thousands of people. And yet I had more knowledge from my 3 years in Network Marketing and zero duplication!

But once I finally decided to change my mindset and consider myself to be a professional, I went to work and started learning. I talked with the strongest leaders that I knew in the Network Marketing profession. I asked them how they were creating duplication. What were they doing?

And finally, I found the answer. When I tested it, I went from rebuilding my team to my team really taking off. Since then, I was able to grow an organization in 60 different countries around the world with over half a million people in my downline over the course of my career.

In that process, I discovered clues and secrets to create duplication AND retention in my business. You can duplicate like crazy, but if you don’t have retention it’s like having a bucket with a big hole in it. You can poor as much water in there as you want; but if it’s flowing out as fast as it’s coming in, you don’t have growth, you just have activity. But by making that hole as small as possible and making sure you’re pouring in more than what is flowing out, you can create duplication and retention.

That is what creates leverage in this business. Leverage turns this from a job into a business that grows exponentially versus just addition and subtraction.

I have a question to ask you…

  • Are you sick and tired of a lack of duplication in your business?
  • Are you frustrated with the lack of retention in your business?
  • Do you blame yourself because you’re not a good enough leader?
  • Do you blame your company, your systems, everything else, like I did?

If you’re struggling with this, or if you feel like there’s room for you to improve, I have good news for you…

Check Out the 3-Hour Live Online Coaching Event on Advanced Duplication & Retention Strategies on March 3rd at 12PM PT