Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together

Fitting the Puzzle Pieces Together

By Eric Worre

Puzzle PiecesHave you ever worked a puzzle before and you are convinced you know where a piece goes but no matter what you do, that piece just will not fit with the surrounding pieces?

Now, you could force the piece to fit. You could tear off one of the teeth or bend the pieces around it. But the puzzle’s end picture will not be right. That one piece will always be wrong.

The same can happen in your business. You could have a prospect that you are just certain would do great in Network Marketing, but they won’t sign up. Or you have someone who has been a customer for years, but won’t make the transition to becoming a distributor. Or you could have a distributor that is only doing the bare minimum, and you know they could become so much more successful if only they work harder.

You have these pieces that you know would fit perfectly into your opportunity, but they just don’t. And that makes you frustrated.

Fitting Them Where I Want

I completely understand. Believe me, I’ve had pieces like that in my business that I just wished would do as I wanted. I would push and nudge them to join my business, do the work, or take the next step. I mean, didn’t they know that I just wanted what was best for them?

But in truth, I didn’t know what was best for them. I was trying to fit them into what I thought they wanted, not where they truly belonged.

Fitting Them Where They Want

Your job in Network Marketing is not to force people to do what you want, but to help them be where they are meant to be.

Listen to ThemYes, you shouldn’t give up on a prospect after the first “no,” but that doesn’t mean you can hound them for the rest of their lives. It may never be the right time for them to join your business. Network Marketing may not be for them. And that’s okay. Everyone in the world can’t join Network Marketing. If they did, we wouldn’t have teachers, chefs, store owners, electricians, factory workers, mail carriers, and all of the other people who help make the world run. That prospect may not fit into your puzzle at all.

And while it’s not unheard of for customers to eventually become distributors, some people just want to be a customer. Leave them there! You need customers for your business to function just as much as you need distributors. After all, if you had no customers, you wouldn’t make any money at all. You can’t force people to become entrepreneurs. All you can do is educate them about your opportunity, and let them decide it it’s a step they want to take.

Even when they join your business, you can’t force them to do the work. Sometimes you’ll sign someone up and they just don’t want to put in the effort. You can encourage them and let them know that you’re here to help them. But ultimately, their success is up to them. You can’t drag them, kicking and screaming, and force them to be successful. It’s their choice. And maybe they put in the effort, but they really only want to put in enough effort to make a small income. Their only goal may be to make enough to pay off a debt or have some side cash. If that is all they want, great! Again, once you get them signed up, it’s up to them to get what they want out of the opportunity.

Your Business Will Come Together

I know you are concerned about building your team, especially if you’re just starting out in Network Marketing. But you can’t force your agenda on others. Listen to your prospects, customers, and distributors. Listen to their agenda, dreams, and wants. Then help them fit where they want to be!

Your business is made of several difference pieces. Some of them fit snuggly into place to help complete the big picture. Others resist at first until you finally find that one place where they truly fit. And some pieces don’t belong in your business altogether.

It’s okay. Don’t force the pieces into your puzzle. If you keep working, eventually you will find where all of your pieces go and you’ll have successfully completed the bigger picture.