Fun Between Marathons

Fun Between Marathons

By Eric Worre

I talk all the time about business and giving 100% of your energy to reach success. And while that is definitely rewarding, you still need to remember to have fun! And I don’t mean just enjoying the work, but actually going out and having unabashed, non-business related, fun!

Too Much Work?

Too many people run themselves to the ground because all they do is work on their business. They are calling prospects all day long. They set up meetings seven days a week, and even on vacations, they are sitting on the edge of the pool with a new prospect.

Now, I don’t want to give you the wrong impression. I have said before that entrepreneurs are constantly thinking about their business and working harder and longer than others. I have said that for every day you take off, that is money lost. And all of that is true.

You need to have business on the brain. Your unconscious mind will work through problems. You miss out on opportunities when you take too many days off. And of course, you should strive to find new prospects everywhere you go by striking up conversations with people you meet. But if you do nothing but work on your business 24/7, 365 days a year, you’re going to run out of steam.

Stop Running

Business Doesn't Own Your LifeNo one can keep running forever. It’s a psychical impossibility. People who run marathons will tell you as much. Marathon runners have to train their body to keep working for that long. They don’t start day one by running the whole 26 miles. They gradually work up to it. And along the way, they learn what their body’s limitations are. They know when they need to stop, get a drink, and stretch their muscles. Even after they have worked their way up to the full 26 miles, runners still know that their body needs rest before they run the next marathon. That’s why most people run marathons a couple months apart from each other at least.

You also can’t run your business all the time. You have to stop and rest every once in a while. So, take some time for yourself. Put aside the concerns with your business, and focus on something else. Remember, just because you own a business, doesn’t mean the business owns your life.

Make Time for Fun!

Schedule time to have fun. Plan a vacation, go to the park with your family, watch a movie, have a spa day…whatever it is that you find fun and relaxing, go do it! Even if it’s only for an hour.

You have to find time for yourself. What’s the point in building a big business if you don’t enjoy time off every once in a while? Use the time off to recharge and find the energy to hit the ground running when you go back to work.

So, stop reading this post, and do something fun! Then come back with renewed strength, and go to work!