Go Through the Doorways

Episode-83-Go Through the Doorways

Today, I want to clear up a big misconception in Network Marketing. People come to me all the time and say, “I sign people up, and they don’t do anything. They just sit there.” Those people are expecting their distributors to get to work and become superstars, but instead their distributors aren’t doing anything. Well, I have to say that that is very common.

So, here’s the concept I want you to get into your mind: top earners in Network Marketing look at new distributors completely differently than amateurs. Amateurs sign the person up and wait. Professionals view their new distributor as a doorway to other people, not as a destination. In other words, professionals are not expecting their new distributor to do amazing things. They’re not putting all of their hopes and dreams in that person. Now, they hope that their new distributor does do amazing things. It would be great if they did. But professionals don’t leave it to chance.

Professionals view that person as a doorway to a whole new world of prospects. So, let’s say that I sign you up. My job is partly to motivate you but mostly to have you introduce your world to me. You are a doorway for me to connect to a whole world of prospects. And I can actually be more effective with your friends because I’m third party instead of first party. So, I’m going to ask you “Who can you introduce me to today? Who can we set up and have a meeting with the three of us today? Who can we go talk to? Let’s make a list, and then figure out how we can go talk to those people.”

If you’re frustrated because you’re running out of prospects, all you have to do is sponsor one person and all of a sudden you have hundreds of prospects. Your job is to treat that distributor as a doorway through which you search, dig, and find those new people to come inside your business. And then they become a doorway too. You keep digging and opening new doorways.

The top professionals in our profession will sponsor a person that’s a doorway that opens up this whole other group of people. Then they’ll go down and work with those people to open up a greater group of people. And they’ll keep digging further down the line until they find that one Rockstar, that person who will go to work. That is the top earners’ secret to success. They keep digging until they find a Rockstar. You see, most top earners don’t personally sponsor the Rockstar in their business. They have a Rockstar line because they went through doorway after doorway until they reached the destination. They found the star that anchored that line for them, and then they could move on and start a new line.

Your new distributor is not the destination, but the doorway.

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