2019 Go Pro Australia

As you know when we announced the dates that we could come to Australia we also said that we needed 3000 respondents to say “Yes” that they would come before we could commit. Unfortunately, we did not hit the response numbers that we needed to hit in order for me to make the trip to Australia in 2019.

Please be advised that we will NOT be processing your card for any tickets you may have commited to for Go Pro Australia 2019.

However, I hope you will consider coming to Las Vegas to visit and attend one of our live events here! Find out more at https://networkmarketingpro.com/gprm/

I want to take a moment and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and love! I am proud of you for making the commitment to grow your business.

Your Friend,
Eric Worre

** By selecting a ticket option below, you commit your interest in attending the Go Pro Australia event on September 21st and 22nd of 2019. Selecting an option below will not automatically process your card.

Total of $382 USD Each

Total of $3,267 USD

Total of $6,534 USD

Total of $9,801 USD

Total of $13,068 USD

Total of $16,335 USD

Total of $19,602 USD

Total of $22,869 USD

Total of $26,136 USD

Total of $29,403 USD

Minimum total of $32,670 USD

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