Mastering Objections in Network Marketing

How much time and energy have you wasted trying to tell people about your opportunity but not getting anywhere because you couldn’t handle common objections?

What if you had a step-by-step method that made them wake up in the middle of your explanation? They stopped thinking “No Way,” and started thinking, “Wait, could this work for me?”

  • Now, what if you could have all that time, energy and lost profit back?
  • What if you could increase the percentage of prospects you converted?
  • What if you never again lost a sale to an objection?
  • What would a system like that be worth?

With This Master Class,
You'll Get:

  • 3 Step-by-step Course Modules that will change the way you see an objection, give you the proven strategies used by the best communicators, and outline the exact steps you need to take the next time you are confronted with a useless objection.
  • Downloadable Workbook that will help you solidify the lessons you learn.
  • Bonus Course Module revealing the very best responses to over 20 of the most common objections.

You will learn the system used by the most effective communicators in Network Marketing. This 4 step system will prevent the pain and defeat you feel when a prospect shoots you down and you don’t have a response.

Other communication techniques are ambiguous and not specific to Network Marketing. They don’t fully prepare you for the assault headed your way. You are left unprepared and vulnerable. This master class will specifically prepare you for the objections every Network Marketer has to deal with on a daily basis.

Over 4 online video courses, you will learn:

  • How to rewire the way you think about objections
  • The mindset necessary to succeed and overcome objections
  • The 4 Steps to handling any objection your prospect throws at you
  • What to say for the most common objections
  • Gain confidence in recruiting
  • Teach your team how to overcome objections effectively
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Mastering Objections in Network Marketing

Real People.
Real Results.Read what Mastering Objections students are saying:

This course shows me that there are indeed real answers that address the real objections of people, and not what they tell us. It is so important to remember that we are in the people helping business.

Adrian Pilling

Thanks Eric for this valuable information. This will be very helpful in breaking the barrier to success. And importantly, thanks for making this information affordable.

Suzanne Ryan

Amazing stuff—I have to practice and then perform—study—practice and perform again. Be prepared for the next opportunity. Thanks a lot Eric!

Diane Sweeney

What an eye opener this is. This course gives complete new insights about how to overcome objections. I'm thrilled about it. Being someone who absorbs information rather slow, I will review the course a few times and take notes besides using the scripts. Looking forward to meet all kinds of objections now. Thanks for sharing your knowledge Eric.

Erik Rodet

Great content! I am looking forward to being able to apply all of this information. I have been in business with my company for 3 years now, and I have barely made a dime. BUT! All the while I believed in the principle behind Network Marketing. There have been times recently when I felt just like giving in. I have been just terrible at the skills, and I have felt that I was bad for the business and should quit. I know now that it is just a matter of learning the skills, having the correct posture, developing rock solid belief in the opportunity, and being our prospects guide and friend.

Peter Rutter

Thank you, Eric! This is a great program, and I am very impressed with the way you explain the program about Objections. I have always had them, and I always run away from them. Thank you, I will work on my Fear of objections. Thank you for making this program affordable for people like me.... (stuck on the bottom of Network marketing) but wanting to climb up. This is a beautiful Profession.

Esther Bitner

Let's Break It Down...

Course 1:

Reframing Objections

In this course, you’ll learn how to rewire your brain so that you view objections as a positive rather than something to be feared.

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Course 2:

Stories: The 5 Keys to Success

I’ll show you the 5 keys that will prepare you to overcome objections and lead you to success.

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Course 3:

4 Steps to Handling Objections

These are the very steps that I use for every possible objection that I ever encountered. These steps really do work with any objection, even ones that I haven’t thought of!

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Bonus Course:

Common Objections and How to Handle Them

This course uses role play to demonstrate how to handle over 20 of the most common objections you might face in the Network Marketing profession.

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Gain Real Answers and Real Skills That Address the Real Objections of People. Get Started Now!

Mastering Objections in Network Marketing


  • The Mastering Objections Master Class- Includes 4 Online Video Courses and a PDF Downloadable Workbook.
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Begin 14-day Trial for Only $1 *Recommended: Get 14-day access to Mastering Objections + all of my Master Classes for $1, then $49 a month when you choose to stay.*

Now Only $297