The 2018  Recruiting Mastery System


At Go Pro Recruiting Mastery 2018, Eric Worre and a team of professional experts help you understand the importance of mindset and teach you the strategies needed to consistently grow a productive downline. During this GPRM, we dove deep into social media. In this course you will learn the ways top earners are using social media to constantly expand their business.

Eric Worre

Explains how to ensure success with the 5 characteristics of an influencer.

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Ray & Jessica Higdon

Teach their revolutionary communication formulas.

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Jessie Lee Ward

Shows how to create the ultimate social media game plan.

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Angel Fletcher

Discusses the difference between building a business like a pro and playing games.

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Frazer Brookes

Gives his secret to success on social media.

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Rob Sperry

Sheds light on the importance of Instagram stories.

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Adrianna Markowitz

Explains how authentic Facebook LIVEs can change your business.

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John Melton

Shares the mistakes he made on social media in order to shorten your learning curve.

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Chani Thompson

Teaches you how to take your business global with Instagram.

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Jeff Altgilbers

Shows you haow to find unlimited prospects with Facebook groups.

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Emily Vavra

Gives her secrets on attracting professionals to your social pages.

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Magic Johnson

Inspires and teaches you how to think big.

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Jeff Roberti

Tells how he became the highest-earning Network Marketer in the world.

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Alex Morton

Speaks about the 3 types of goals and how they can amplify your life.

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Nicola Smith Jackson

Educates on the how a PBR is the lifeblood of a Network Marketer.

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Alex Banayan

Discusses the concept of the third door.

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Caio Carneiro

Teaches his 7 step formula to success.

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Tyler Daniels

Shows you how to strengthen your message despite the opinion of others.

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John Maxwell

Tells how you can consistently improve yourself.

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Johnnie Wimbrey

Changes the way you look at the people you choose to prospect.

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You will learn the strategies used by the most successful Motivational Coaches, Authors, Network Marketers, and Business Influencers that are sure to grow your business, improve your lifestyle, and expand your freedom. The event was jam-packed with world class speakers. Seats were practically unnecessary, since attendees spent so much time on their feet cheering!

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How GPRM 2018 Changed My Network Marketing Career

At the event, I learned how to let go of the pain of my divorce, and by doing so it has raised my confidence level and has skyrocketed my business. I am now able to relate to people that have gone through the same problems as me. Just taking one thing away from this event can propel your business to levels you never dreamed of. Also, hanging out with thousands of like-minded individuals has a power that you just can't imagine.

Todd Ellingson

This event is an amazing place to be, the right place to be for everybody who wants to become a professional in Network Marketing.

Monika Batkova

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to these events, it is a revitalization, it is a warming up of the fire that is inside you.

Steve Eden

What Industry Leaders Have Said About GPRM

Go Pro is the generic event that you’ve got to get to and you’ve got to get your people here. You get yourself here to learn; you get your people here to earn.

—Brandon & Jessica Hayes

I love Go Pro Recruiting Mastery because it brings together the best of the best. Every time I come to one of these, I hear something I’ve never heard before.

—Ray Higdon

The best investment you’ll ever do is come to one of the Go Pro events. This is where you’re going to build your business.

—Jeff Beebe