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Unstoppable Confidence

Unstoppable Confidence

With my Unstoppable Confidence master class, you can break through limiting beliefs and build your business with bulletproof confidence.

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Are You Confident in Every Aspect of Your Network Marketing Business?

People throughout the Network Marketing profession from the part-time distributor just starting out to the million-dollar earner all deal with confidence issues. And these issues typically stem from your experiences and lessons in the past that continue to impact you emotionally, even if you don’t realize it.

Do you feel confident when it comes to...

  • Overseeing a room of your kids and their friends, but when it comes to leading your team, you balk at the idea?
  • Talking with your friends and meeting new people, but are nervous about mentioning your opportunity and what you do?
  • Any other aspect of your life except when it pertains to Network Marketing?
You are not alone.

These latent emotions of fear, anxiety, self-doubt, and uncertainty can prevent you from taking your Network Marketing business to its maximum potential. And so, your business becomes stagnant, unable to grow past a certain point, or your business fails altogether.

But you can break out of this cycle. You can bust through these limiting beliefs and choose other, more powering references so that confidence is no longer an issue. And that is my outcome for you…to guide you to a place of Unstoppable Confidence.

What if...
  • You no longer worried about talking to prospects?
  • You felt confident in your skills as a distributor and leader?
  • You stopped putting things off and did what you need to do right now to succeed?
  • You knew you could handle any unexpected challenge?

Would your team grow, your income increase, your rank advance, your business strengthen?

You can achieve all of that by changing your mindset and becoming unstoppably confident with the help of my master class, Unstoppable Confidence!

What You’ll Learn

With my Unstoppable Confidence master class, you can break through limiting beliefs and build your business with bulletproof confidence.

Over 10 online video courses, you will learn:
  • To identify how you are sabotaging your success and how to change your mindset
  • Three fundamental belief sets to become unstoppably confident
  • How to become a thought leader and lead others to achieve confidence and results
  • Tips to overcome procrastination, obstacles, and achieve competence
  • And you will learn how to integrate everything into a valuable process to build your confidence

Unstoppable Confidence

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Stop Letting Fear, Doubt, and Anxiety Hold You Back from Achieving Your Goals!

Today I just finished binge watching Unstoppable Confidence. Whew! So much in there. So much has been stirred up for me, and I am so grateful from my soul that I have been balanced with hope and a method to build my confidence.


I really needed to hear this! This is my second time trying to build a Network Marketing business. I hadn’t realized how much that first experience was holding me back. But now I know I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way!


For over 40 years, I thought of myself as an “MLM” junkie and always talked about how great it would be to quite my job, but I never did. Now, I know that I was subconsciously addicted to my job and always succeeded in sabotaging any real activity in my MLM business. Thank you, Eric! I can finally set myself free!


Unstoppable Confidence Master Class Details

These 10 Online Video Courses will guide you through tips, strategies, and formulas to overcome your limiting beliefs and build Unstoppable Confidence.

Course 1:

Road Blocks to Unstoppable Confidence

This course lays the foundation and reveals why skills are not enough in Network Marketing. What are some of the common challenges around confidence that you face? The key is mastering your emotions, dealing with old programming, and busting old beliefs so you can identify these repeating patterns, take action, and transform your business to a new level.

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Course 2:

Stories: Planting Seeds of Confidence (Eric’s Evolution to Unstoppable Confidence, Part I)

In this course, I share ten stories that had an impact on building my Unstoppable Confidence when I was getting started in Network Marketing.

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Course 3:

Key Building Block to Confidence (Eric’s Evolution to Unstoppable Confidence, Part II)

A key to success in Network Marketing is Learning How to Be a Presenter. This step-by-step process will provide insight on developing and delivering effective and successful presentations.

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Course 4:

Training Others (Eric’s Evolution to Unstoppable Confidence, Part III)

You will learn how to become a thought leader and someone who helps others achieve results.

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Course 5:

Busting Beliefs About Self-Worth (Eric’s Evolution to Unstoppable Confidence, Part IV)

In this course, I share how I kept sabotaging my success because of my self-worth issues, and how I overcame these challenges by learning that it’s okay to believe in yourself.

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Course 6:

Three Sets of Beliefs for Becoming Unstoppably Confident

Now we’ll get into some structure with Three Fundamental Belief Sets to Becoming Unstoppably Confident.

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Course 7:

Gaining Confidence by Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

In this course, I’ll reveal a formula that will help you turn every single obstacle into an opportunity.

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Course 8:

Tips for Crushing Procrastination

Procrastination can often be debilitating when it comes to taking the action to move forward in your business. Learn Three Tips for facing and overcoming procrastination.

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Course 9:

Building Block to Confidence — Competence

Find out some of the challenges others in the Network Marketing profession face and watch some demonstrations on how I help them identify their road maps to confidence. Then I will teach you 6 Keys to Achieving Competence in order to gain Confidence.

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Course 10:

Unstoppable Confidence Recap and Wrap Up

To help you embrace your journey to Unstoppable Confidence, I offer you some challenges, learning how to employ yourselves, and facing your fear and pain to get to the other side. Then we’ll integrate all that you learned through a valuable process.

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What You’ll Get:

  • The Unstoppable Confidence Master Class
  • 10 Step-by-step online video courses
  • Downloadable PDF Workbook

Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs with Bulletproof Confidence!

  • Stop sabotaging your own success
  • Build up your sense of self-worth
  • Overcome procrastination and obstacles in your path
  • Develop the belief necessary to become unstoppably confident
  • Discover the invaluable process to building your confidence


Enrollment: Only $297

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setting: Online Step-by-step video courses and downloadable PDF workbook

Course Length: Over 3 hours of content

Expected Completion Time: 3 days

How it Works


Your master class includes 10 video course modules and a follow along PDF Workbook.


Don’t hold yourself back anymore and have the confidence to go all the way to the top.

Who would benefit From Unstoppable Confidence?

Stay-at-Home Mom

Stay-at-Home Mom

Become strong in the belief that you can be a successful entrepreneur and a mother.

Part-Time Network Marketer

Part-Time Network Marketer

Gain the confidence to deliver effective and successful presentations.

Full-Time Business Owner

Full-Time Business Owner

Increase productivity when you crush anxiety and eliminate procrastination.

Brand-New Network Marketer

Brand-New Network Marketer

Overcome doubts that you can become competent in the skills necessary to succeed.

6-Figure Earners

6-Figure Earners

Become a thought leader and help your new team members gain the confidence to achieve results.

Why Do You Need Unstoppable Confidence?

People always want to know about the skills and strategies that go along with building a Network Marketing business. And those skills and strategies are vital to success in this profession, but they are only two parts of it.

Your mindset is the other key part for achieving success in Network Marketing.

Have you noticed how Network Marketing is a lot more emotional than a regular job?

At a regular job, you can go to the office, do the work, and come home without much of any emotional strain. You might not be fond of your boss, but you can put up with it. You might not agree with certain company procedures, but you can still do the work.

But with Network Marketing, everything is so much more personal. It can feel like a prospect is rejecting you when they decide to not join your team. You can feel like you are lacking something when your team doesn’t do the work. You get nervous when you have to go out and intentionally meet new prospects or before you do a Facebook Live.

And these heightened emotions can hold you back from doing what you need in order to meet your goals and succeed in Network Marketing.

Let me ask you something...

  • Have you ever put off talking to a prospect because you were afraid they’d say “No”?
  • Do you dread meeting with your team because you just know they are going to blame you for something?
  • Have you never done a Facebook Live because you worry that you’ll mess it up?

Your fears, doubts, and anxieties are keeping you from truly stepping into your full potential. You can master all of the skills and strategies in the world, but if you continue to let these negative emotions control your business, you’ll never succeed.

I have coached leaders from around the world. And do you know what I end up having to work on the most with them? Their mindset.

You see, we all have this old programming that was developed from our past experiences. It could have been something that happened when you were five, or something that happened with your first girlfriend or boyfriend. These past experiences shaped our mindset and our emotional response to certain circumstances.

You may not even be aware that this old programming is what is holding you back. That is what I have worked with leaders to do...to become aware of this old programming and find ways to move ahead to a place of confidence.

And that is what I want to help you do. With Unstoppable Confidence, I will walk you through the steps to identify what parts of your mindset is holding you back and what you can do to become confident in every area of Network Marketing.

When you change your mindset to one of confidence...

  • You can talk to more prospects than ever before.
  • You can lead your team with new energy and determination.
  • You can meet any challenge head on.

When you have unstoppable confidence, there is nothing that can hold you back!

Become Unstoppable with Bulletproof Confidence!

About Eric Worre

Eric Worre

Eric Worre

Eric Worre is the world’s most watched and most trusted thought leader for Network Marketing training and support.

Since 2009, he has produced over 1,400 free videos for the Network Marketing community on virtually every topic. His training is now viewed by over 5 million people every single week.

In 2010, he created Go Pro Recruiting Mastery. An annual generic training event that has grown into the largest in Network Marketing history with close to 20,000 in annual attendance.

In 2013, he released the International best-selling book Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, which has sold well over 2 million copies to date and has become a “must read” for anyone who is serious about building their network marketing business.

In 2014, he released the documentary style film Rise of the Entrepreneur which helps to dispel many of the misconceptions related to Network Marketing.

In 2015, along with his wife Marina, he created a new annual event called The Most Powerful Women in Network Marketing which is already the world’s largest generic Network Marketing event for women with over 5,000 attending each year.

To date, the Network Marketing Pro community has grown to over a million leaders from over 100 countries around the world.

As the most sought after speaker in Network Marketing today speaking to more than 200,000 people a year, he is engaged in an effort to raise all ships and allow this profession to truly take its proper place in this world as “a better way”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How will this master class help me?
A: With the Unstoppable Confidence master class, you can break through limiting beliefs that are holding you back and build your business with the confidence that you can and will achieve your goals.
Q: Who is this master class for?
A: This master class is for anyone in Network Marketing who doesn’t feel 100% confident in every skill, strategy, and aspect of the profession.
Q: Can I download the videos from the master class?
A: No. Due to copyright, you will not be able to download any of the videos. You will need an internet connection to view them.
Q: What is the refund policy?
A: I know you'll find value in this course like I do. In fact, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, just contact my support team and we will issue you a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

With Bulletproof Confidence, Nothing Will Hold You Back!