Adam Green

Million Dollar Earner, Author, and Speaker

Adam Green reached the top of his company’s compensation plan by age 25, becoming the youngest million dollar earner in company history. Now 28, Adam has been building his network marketing business full time for six years, developed a massive organization, travelled to over 30 countries, and has produced over 70 million in team sales for his company. Adam met his wife Vanessa at a network marketing meeting, and gets to enjoy designing their debt free lifestyle together at a young age. Adam and Vanessa are thrilled to be expecting their first child on February 14th, 2018. Their success has been featured in the Four Year Career, Networking Times Magazine, The Flip Flop CEO, and last year Adam wrote his first book '25 to Life’, selling over 30,000 copies.

As a highly sought after international speaker in the network marketing profession, Adam is able to provide inspiration and motivation for all age groups. He is dedicated to helping everyone improve both their financial and personal health, and achieve their own levels of success and fulfill their dreams.