Brian Carruthers

Brian Carruthers got started in network marketing part time on the side of his real estate career. 19 years ago, he went full time and has been with that same company ever since... now he’s the Top Earner. He recruited 10 people a month for his first 10 straight years. Because of this leadership by example, his team has now grown to over 400,000 people and well over 2 million customers.

Brian has found that this business has provided not only financial wealth, but with that comes the time freedom. He has been a stay-at-home dad for all of his 11 year old son Talan’s life, and now he and his wife Melissa have a new 7 month old son “C3” Colton Christian Carruthers. They are both full time at home, while continuing to help others build their own business to achieve the same freedom.

What’s special about Brian is that he has never stopped doing what got him to the top. He is still, after 19 years, a top recruiter in his company. He is still in the trenches doing everything that he teaches his brand new recruits to do. This is why his teachings are so relevant. He brings the perspective of the top earner AND the freshness of being the top recruiter and team builder. Brian is very system-driven, and he emphasizes this importance for anyone who wants to build a massive business, which requires duplication.