Danien Feier

Network Marketing Professional, Seven-Figure Earner, and Double Diamond Director

Danien Feier has been in the Network Marketing profession for nearly 14 years. He has built a huge network of almost 100,000 people, reached the level of a Double Diamond Director, and is a yearly seven-figure earner. When he was first introduced to the profession, he immediately knew that it was his chance to grow, learn, and succeed. His journey wasn’t a straight path, though. Three years after starting in Network Marketing, Danien even dropped out of the profession and started a real estate business with a friend. However, he slowly came to the realization that traditional business has a lot more hardships than Network Marketing. And so, he was able to re-embrace Network Marketing. He found a mentor and went to work building a large organization.

"I was 17 when I first became aware of the network marketing profession and when that happened I couldn’t sleep at night – I immediately felt deep inside that this was my chance." Now at 32, Danien has done many things: grown personally, learned a lot about people and improved his skills, met extraordinary friends, built a successful business and — most importantly — he’s been living the life he’s always dreamed of and which makes me happy. And this is exactly what he wants for each person in network marketing! Danien’s goal is to help as many people as he can to achieve the same.

Danien is a German national and lives in Dubai with his family.

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