Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler picked up a book for 25 cents at a garage sale in Phoenix, AZ in the 80’s that did more for his financial future than a four year college degree. After reading The 10 Napkin Presentations by Don Failla, Jordan discovered the world of “Residual Income”. The next 10 years was a roller coaster.

He joined 12 companies before he got his first network marketing check. His “school of hard knocks” education cost him $36,000 in credit card debt. Around the time Jordan’s accountant suggested bankruptcy, he joined his 12th Network Marketing Company and was finally able to crack the code to success. For many years now he has been the top income earner with his company. He wrote the best-selling book Beach Money in 2008 and today has a team of over 150,000 distributors in 5 countries. Jordan believes that the great paradox in our business is “The thing that gets you interested in the business, a drive for personal gain, may actually hold you back. You must throw yourself 100% into the success of others to achieve the success you desire.”

Jordan splits his time between Las Vegas, NV, the mountains of Arizona and of course, the beach. Jordan is a licensed helicopter pilot and loves to take his friends on rides just for the fun of it!!