Laura Stevens

Top Earner, Mom-preneur, and Trainer

Laura is a work-from-home mom and retired military spouse who grew up in Oregon, and just moved her family from San Diego, California to Gretna, Nebraska one year ago. She has 4 awesome kids, Scarlett 6, Miller 5, Juliette 3, and Violette 5 months and is married to her husband of almost 10 years, John.

She has a degree in Business Marketing from Oregon State University and worked at a marketing group right after college. Soon after she married her husband John, she went on to pursue a Masters in health education, became a certified group fitness instructor, an avid couponer and created a small sewing business before starting her Network Marketing career.

Laura watched one of her best friends successfully build her Network Marketing business to the million-dollar earning level over 3 years before finally deciding to join her. She started in April 2014, and was able to become a seven-figure earner in the company in about 6 months and a million-dollar earner in less than 2 years. These past two calendar years Laura and John have been seven-figure earners within their company.

One of her proudest moments was being able to pay off all of their family’s debt, which they had been trying so hard to eliminate for years, and quadruple her husband’s income while he was deployed in the Middle East from Sept 2014-March 2015. Her husband was an active duty Marine for almost 15 years, and last summer he was able to retire early from the military and be home full-time to run this business with Laura.

Within her company, Laura has received some exciting accolades in the last 3 1/2 years including being named 2015 Leader of the Year, named an ambassador for the 18-35 year old movement, and was awarded the 2016 and 2017 Leadership Growth Award. She has also been a trainer at over 11 large corporate events and almost 20 Saturday trainings, with no previous speaking experience.