Tim Sales

Legend, Adviser, Speaker, Trainer, and Mentor

In 1989, near the end of his tour with the US Navy Tim Sales entered the Network Marketing profession by answering an ad in the Washington Post newspaper. Five years later his Network Marketing income had risen to over six figures per month with over 56,000 people within his organization from 20 different countries.

Tim’s successful experience and knowledge has made him a legend. He is one of the most sought-after advisers, speakers, trainers and mentors in the profession. He is not a “motivation” speaker. He is a pragmatic trainer who takes Network Marketing and makes it something anybody could succeed at. He’s delivered well over 10,000 presentations and training sessions all over the world.

He produced the Brilliant Compensation Video in 1998 which has educated over 1 million people about Network Marketing. It has quickly earned the distinction of “the standard” by which all tools will be measured. His tools, Professional Inviter and Professional Presenter, also contributed to the shift in the Network Marketing profession from a “part-time thing” to a true profession.

In addition, Tim was a teacher at the only university-affiliated Network Marketing Certificate Seminar offered for the profession. Sponsored by the University of Illinois at Chicago, this course was taught on the UIC campus, but was also sponsored at various other international locations, including Seoul, Korea, Singapore, Melbourne, Australia and Bogota, Colombia.