Growth Secret Revealed

Growth Secret Revealed

Today, I want to give you an insight into what will give you the best results in Network Marketing when it comes to growth. I’ve heard this particular insight told in different ways several times, but the most recent was from a podcast that quoted the found of Habitat for Humanity. The quote was, “It’s easier to act your way into a different level of thinking than it is to think your way into a different level of acting.”

What that means is that thinking about something rarely changes action. What changes action is when you do it and make a move. When your activity creates enough movement, it will change the way you think. Tony Robbins says motion creates emotion. If you move and do something, that will start to change physiologically, mentally, and emotionally all the ways you think about it.

So, here’s what I want you to take from this. You can study all you want, watch these videos, read all the books, but nothing is going to replace action. If you want to overcome fear, then take action. If you want to get a huge group of customers to join you, then take action. Take action, and then you will start to change your thinking about it.

This is why I talk about the concept of how success loves speed. It’s better to recruit a large amount of people in a short amount of time than it is to recruit the same amount of people in a long amount of time. If I can get you take action in a burst of energy, that will help reprogram your mind to put less weight on fear, doubt, and uncertainty. The action itself actually reprograms your mind.

I have an assignment for you today. Think about something that you know if you did would help you, but you haven’t been doing it for whatever reason. Today, I want you to act on that thing. Study the results and see what happens in your mind. The action itself will create the result. Remember, the learning is in the doing. So, take something you’ve been avoiding and act on it today.