Originally from Mexico, Ada now lives in Fontana, California with her husband Jose and their two grown children.

Ada owned and operated her party planning business for over ten years in addition to working in Network Marketing on the side. Like many, she consistently struggled with health and financial issues but never seemed to find the right opportunity, or the right company that would reward her hard work.

She recalls a time when she was admitted to the hospital and couldn’t work for a while, and how the company she worked for at time wanted to take her business away from her. Although she managed to keep her business in the end, it taught her a valuable lesson about companies that don’t value their people. That all changed when she met the man that would forever change her life, her current company owner. That is where she found home. As a woman with natural leadership abilities and a wonderful heart, everything started to finally click in place.

It did not take long before Ada and her people were getting extraordinary results. Many top leaders on the company came from Ada’s team.

She travels everyday to train and support those who need help, even those people that are not in her group. Ada has never forgotten her roots and the hardships she suffered as a child and as a young woman, which is why she has now expanded into Central and South America. There she continues to work tirelessly to promote a healthy and wealthy lifestyle to those who so desperately need it. Her goal is to touch and change as many lives as she can, and follow the example of her mentor to always Lead with Love.