Alfred Nickson has established a successful Network Marketing career, one that he easily and noticeably stands out in. He can be picked out amongst his contemporaries as he is one of the youngest millionaires within the profession. People who work with Alfred know exactly what to expect, to take their lives to the next level. His approach combines his well-developed financial acumen along with his passion to cultivate and push people to reach their fullest potential. Alfred has proudly created 32+ six figure earners and that number is continuing to grow.

A born leader, Alfred’s ability to overcome poverty has allowed him to create financial freedom for himself and his family. His childhood, growing up in the rough inner cities of Miami, was extremely difficult and his family relied on government assistance. Alfred has come a long way, but he remains humble and has made it his duty to share his knowledge and experience to help others become just as successful as he has been fortunate to become himself.

Alfred believes in giving back and paying it forward. He shares his wealth as an end time investor at his church, assisting them with funding for their mission trips. In five years, Alfred’s goals include reaching a 100 million dollar net worth, having a thriving non-profit for under-privileged youth and traveling the country for major speaking engagements.