Brian McMullen has been in network marketing since the age of 18. He had a job moving furniture for 10 dollars an hour for 3 separate moving companies while trying to make his network marketing business work. Brian became a teenage father with 2 young daughters to support. Moving from job to job to pay for more books to read and more personal growth seminars. He didn’t graduate high school with his class and instead finished high school a year later while also doing community service after he was involved in a high speed police chase. His first 6 companies went out of business in the first 5 years of his career. He didn’t give up and became a millionaire at age 26 crediting the books, seminars and mentors that he read, listened to and studying day and night for years, and by age 30 was making over a million a year. He has been the number 1 earner of 5 companies. He has spoke on stage to over 50,000 people in Tokyo all of which were people in his team. His Japan team become the second largest in the world. He also has built and traveled in over 70 countries doing bootcamps and trainings for his team. He was the Vice President of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals and as of now still sits on the Board of that Organization. He has been written up in numerous mlm books and consults with top mlm companies and advises some of the highest paid people in our profession. Overall he is a pretty calm and quiet person and prefers being at home or close to the ocean.