Calvin and Shannon Becerra have been in the Network Marketing Industry for 12 years. They have teams of more than 1 Million people in more than 120 countries. Their number one trait is Servant driven leadership. Calvin is constantly traveling the world, supporting his teams in any and every way possible. They both have proven themselves in the industry by staying committed through both good times and bad , resulting in worldwide success. They constantly lead by example, practicing what they teach when it comes to recruiting and developing new teams. Their focus is not on achieving their own next rank, but on how many they can help achieve their next rank. They are some of the top 40 income earners worldwide and they are constantly reinvesting back into their teams. The real currency, to them, is in RELATIONSHIPS. They tirelessly are forging relationship in-depth within their teams, and that in turn creates the freedom they have to invest their time in their true love, which is their four beautiful children: Kaden, Presley, Teagan and Londyn.