Emily launched their Network Marketing business at the age of 23 and a year later Hayden joined the business. They went all in and became their youngest millionaires at the age of 26 and are among the top income earners with their company. Since then, Emily and Hayden, and their incredible team, have helped more than 150,000 people achieve physical transformations and improved their health while also developing wealth and financial freedom. Their mission is to help people cast a vision for their lives AND create a GAME PLAN to achieve their goals. They have helped more than 50 families on their team create a full-time income. They are passionate about continuing to help people, all over the world by designing their lives all the way from making a bit of extra money to pay for college or a car payment to those want to stay at home with their children or retire more comfortably. Emily and Hayden enjoy spending their free time working out, traveling and giving back to their communities.