Jessie Lee Ward became a multiple 6-figure-a-month, 7-figure-a-year earner after joining community-based marketing in October of 2015 with no prior experience, and growing up in poverty in the country of Maryland needing $300 a month to keep a roof over her head. Jessie Lee has degrees in marketing and communications, and is passionate about empowering women, leading her team, savings dogs, and relationship building. She has been on the cover of Networking Times, the professions premier magazine, and has been a keynote speaker at Go Pro – Most Powerful Women and the Association of Network Marketing Professionals The incredible team that humbles her daily has helped to throw her company into full-blown momentum with no signs of slowing down with their energy, their heart, and their determination. Jessie Lee builds almost solely online and still, 3 years later, with no phone calls, no meetings, no events, and no leaving her family with the exception of touring the world to support her ever-expanding global team! She is a master of building high-tech, but high-touch and can teach you how to do the same. She encourages everyone to give network marketing a try, and always wants to ask “Why. Not. You?”