John’s dad was a janitor and his mom worked in the local dog food company. By all accounts John was destined to follow in their footsteps, in fact his first home was in a trailer park. John suffers from severe Dyslexia and all through school he was assumed to be slow, dumb stupid. His first job was on an assembly line at a potato chip company, from there he moved up to his dream job as maintenance manager. He had arrived. His family and friends thought so too.When he was invited to a friend’s house to look at water filters, he thought he wasgoing to be asked to build a display or look at the product, certainly not sell.Instead he was introduced to Network Marketing. He got excited and 6 months later went full time. John is at the top of his game and has written a book, “Right or Almost Right” and leads a worldwide team that spans 7 languages and multiplecontinents.