Kenneth Earl Lloyd is known to everyone as “Kenny”.He has accomplished much and achieved tremendous financial success in the network marketing industry. Kenny has gone from Broke as Hell to Living Well and has helped thousands to do the same. He has closely worked with and helped many families to become multi-million dollar earners. More importantly, Kenny is impacting countless lives as he inspires, encourages, trains, and empowers people around the world to achieve financial and time freedom. As an ambassador of the industry, he is a man on a mission to help as many people reach their fullest potential in business and life.
Success and significance are a part of his DNA. His father, Earl Lloyd was the first African-American to play in the NBA and is in the NBA Hall of Fame. This dynamic legacy continues to live through Kenny and his children, Sierra, Alexander and Myles Lloyd, who are each making major contributions in business and the arts. Kenny has certainly made some “smart moves” in his life, but he would be the first to admit that one of his smartest moves was to marry his beautiful and dynamic wife, Chante, who continues to build and serve by his side. Kenny attributes much of his success to having Chante as a solid support!
Kenny is a philanthropist and CEO of the Lloyd Family Foundation. He has served on the Leadership Counsel of the UNCF in Houston and is passionate about helping students to “See It Through.” Kenny is a graduate of Tennessee State University and his philosophy is that every day is a dress rehearsal for your breakthrough. You must bring your A-Game all the time!